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Warcraft Retrospective 3: Warcraft 1, the Orc Campaign

Based on the somber, detailed language of the Warcraft 1 manual, you might expect the game itself to have washed-out colors tending towards grey and brown, and an overall eerie, unsettling atmosphere slanted into horror.

Warcraft Retrospective 2: Warcraft 1, the Manual

One day, I did an interesting mental exercise. I rewatched the first Star Wars movie, Episode IV: A New Hope — or rather just Star Wars as it was known at release — pretending I was seeing it for the first time, and knew nothing whatsoever about the Star Wars setting as we’ve come to think of it.

Thoughts on the WoW 11.0 Announcement

So… The War Within is in. On one hand, I’m relieved it wasn’t Avaloren: The Generic Expansion, as the now-confirmed-fake leak indicated. On the other hand, I’m disappointed that there’s once again no world revamp. Now would be a perfect time to de-Cataclysm the old world, remove embarrassing questlines like Rambo of Redridge and CSI Westfall, and replace dated questlines with evergreen ones.

War on Magic campaign begins on Argent Dawn EU!

Tonight, Lintian returned to Dalaran to partake in the first event in the War on Magic RP campaign by Acheleus and Kelly. The hook is as simple as they come: the Primalists have allied themselves with the mage-hunters from the Nexus War to eradicate mortal mages on all of Azeroth. It’s the execution that matters, and this is where roleplayers are far ahead of Blizzard.