I am, simply put, a fantasy roleplayer. I am other things, too, but they don’t matter right now.

I enjoy roleplaying in all its forms: text-based in MMO games, tabletop D&D games, and live action. Over the years I have played many characters, and became known under many names, such as Lintian on Azeroth, Vielle in Eorzea, Fichraona in Tyria, and Nimrandis in Middle-earth. To Tamriel I go not.

More than just roleplaying myself, I want to support the hobby and ease new people into the world of RP. I develop software for roleplayers’ needs. Over the years I’ve translated and proofread translations of a number of D&D adventures. I’ve sponsored upstart LARPers who wanted to go to the venue with me.

This blog is dedicated to my RP experiences and to my thoughts on different fantasy settings from a roleplayer’s point of view.

I am available on Discord, as Linneris.

Can I use your writing for my own purposes?

Sure — under specific, fairly permissive terms. See the copyright page.