The Spoken

  • Were the Spoken created by gods, or did they evolve naturally?
  • Do demihuman races (Hyur, Elezen, Miqo’te, Au Ra, Viera) share a common ancestry?
  • Is there a common, unifying reason for the existence of races that are mostly human but with superficial animal features (the latter three)?

The Beast Tribes

  • Is there a common, unifying reason why demihuman races occupy the more fertile lands, and beast tribes have to fight for scraps in not-so-hospitable corners of the world?
  • Is it something unique to the Sixth Astral Era and beyond, or was it the case in earlier eras, too?

The Twelve

  • When did worship of the Twelve start?
  • Why is it universal among the nations of modern Eorzea?
  • Do they really exist in some form, or are all cases of supposed interventions by the Twelve attributable to primal-like effects, pure belief-fueled magic?
  • On the eve of the Garlean invasion of Eorzea, there were six nations each with a distinct patron deity - exactly half of the pantheon. Furthermore, each one was associated with a distinct element, one for each of the six elements, while the other deity associated with the same element was not the patron deity of any nation. This seems to be too regular and orderly to have happened purely by chance; is there an underlying reason?

Hydaelyn and Zodiark

  • Is Hydaelyn’s account of what caused her to banish Zodiark entirely objective, or is there another side to the story that portrays her in a less sympathetic light?
  • How did they originate? Did they always exist, or were they formed somehow?
  • Why is the planet full of life and the moon barren? Is it related to Hydaelyn being a goddess of Light and Zodiark a god of Darkness?
  • What is the Source?
  • Why is Hydaelyn growing weaker?
  • What exactly was Midgardsormr’s pact with Hydaelyn?

The First

  • Why do the Warriors of Darkness look like dark-garbed versions of the adventurers Louisoix sent into the future?
  • What exactly is “too much perfection” caused by overabundance of Light? What exactly is wrong with the First right now, in a way people can relate to?

The Warrior of Light

  • Why is the WoL so powerful?
  • Is there a specific reason why there are six Crystals of Light and they form a snowflake pattern around the WoL? Is it related to there being six elements?

The Ascians

  • How did the Ascians originate?
  • Can they multiply their numbers?
  • How old are they?
  • Why do they worship Zodiark? What do they have to gain from the Rejoining?
  • Is there an underlying reason why the Ascians we’ve seen seem to only be possessing Hyur bodies?
  • How does inciting the denizens of Eorzea into summoning primals advance their goal of bringing about the Rejoining?

The Calamities

  • Is there a single underlying reason why the first six Calamities were each associated with a single element? We know that the Seventh Umbral Calamity, which wasn’t associated with any element, wasn’t a direct consequence of large-scale actions by the civilizations preceding it, nor was it initiated by the land itself; rather, it was the result of the actions of a few specific individuals.
  • Was the Seventh Umbral Calamity even a Calamity in the objective sense, or was it merely designated as such for political reasons? Is there even any objective definition of a Calamity?
  • Why did the spell Louisoix use in a failed attempt to reseal Bahamut look so technological and Dalamud-like? Was it Allagan in origin?


  • Is Papalymo really dead? Story-wise there was a sense of finality, but past experience with fiction, especially fantasy, taught me not to proclaim anyone truly dead until we see the body (or disintegration).